Petrichor was conceptualised by the three of us, George, Joseph and Reeth with the help of our mentor and uncle, Stanley. Our common interest in all things related to food, a want to give back to the environment and a humble desire to see everyone fit and healthy, led to the inception of Petrichor in 2015, just a few years into our respective jobs in completely different fields!

We spent almost a year just meeting various people in the field of organic food- farmers, existing organic brand owners, retailers, restaurateurs, foodies, co-operatives, consumers, communities, environmentalists, wise grandmothers, and many other organic aficionados. All of them shared a wealth of information, while passing on tremendous amounts of inspiration with their stories and encouraged us with all their love and support.

That fueled us on to create Petrichor to be the way it is- a single avenue for people from all walks of life to connect with their food and be a part of nature, instead of being an outside spectator, and contribute to wellness in each other's lives. We are a young online organic, natural and wholesome food and wellness store that serves those who are and wish to be young at heart!

Our warehouse is located in Mailasandra, off Dr.Vishnuvardhan road (earlier Uttarahalli road) and we are always happy to have visitors! :)