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Look at a fruit tree in a forest.

No one waters it and no one tends to it. Yet it bears fruit year after year, sheltering the birds and animals which seek its cover, providing them with fruit and in turn, they disperse the seeds far and wide. In this complex yet delicately interwoven web of life, everything is inter-dependent in many fascinating and unknown ways. Just like the smallest and seemingly insignificant insect has a great role to play in the balance of the food chain. We must not disregard the possible impact all our activities might have on the overall balance and survival of nature.

At Petrichor we believe that it is our collective responsibility to ensure the survival of all life forms on earth. We are trying to fulfill this responsibility in our own work by sourcing our food from farms that are completely devoid of harmful chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. We strive to bring to your table, food of the highest quality - grown naturally. We work with farmers eagerly, right at the grass root level, ensuring that they receive the right price through our fair trade policy, with a justified premium, for their effort and care taken to grow their produce. We believe that trust is an absolute necessity in this venture and that is why we adopt a trust based certification with our farmers. Our stringent quality checks which start right from the farm, and continued all the way to your doorstep, ensure that you receive fresh, clean and hygienic food.

We invite you to join us in this journey of exploration, discovery and appreciation of each of the products that we bring to you and the stories behind them. This journey will also lead us to a deeper understanding of agricultural ecosystems ,biodiversity and the wonderful relationship between all living organisms in this planet.

We are a young online organic, natural and wholesome food and wellness store that serves those in Bangalore.

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