Authenticity and Quality

What makes the food supplied by Petrichor organic? How do I know it is genuine?

We understand that this is the first question that would arise in your head when you visit our website. We source all our produce from organic farms- mostly certified by 3rd party certification bodies, and some who are not certified but stick to the standards of organic farming. We source from many trusted award winning farmers, who own small pieces of land and some of whom are still not certified and most likely have no intention of doing so in the near future. This is not to say that these farmers are untrustworthy. It's just that they are not capable of bearing the additional cost and maintaining the paperwork that larger farm owners are capable of. However, nobody can question their authenticity and fierceness with which they preach and propagate the organic movement. We also believe that the final line of trust lies at the farmer, irrespective of whether their farm is "organic certified" or not.

Petrichor Eco Ventures is a NOP (National Organic Program)- USA and NPOP (National Program for Organic Production)- India, certified organic processor, by the premier 3rd party organic certification body in the country- Aditi Organic certifications.


All the produce sourced from certified farms will have the logo of the certification agency and the standards it adheres to, on the packaging. The produce which are sourced from non certified organic farms will not have the logo of the certification agency.

We are completely open and transparent about our sources and our produce. We are happy to share with you which farm/ farmer/ cooperative society/ producer group we get our produce from. You are welcome to visit the farms, talk to the farmers, see, ask and listen until you are completely satisfied.

What measures are taken by Petrichor to ensure that the produce is organic?

1. We approach farmers through trustworthy reference and validation from Industry experts on the farmer and his produce.
2. We procure products from farms only after we have visited the farms, interacted with the farmers and conduct a soil test and a pesticide residue test on a random sample of the produce.
3. We work with farmers who are equally passionate, if not more, about the Organic movement.
4. We ask for organic certification wherever possible.

Are the vegetables and greens fresh? How is the freshness ensured?

We procure vegetables, greens and fruits only on an order basis. We send the collated veggies and greens quantities to our various farmer groups and they harvest it immediately and is shipped to our warehouse, where we check and remove any items if damaged through transit, pack and ship it for delivery to your doorstep. All within 12- 24hours of harvesting so that they are delivered as fresh as possible.

Cost factor

Why is organic produce expensive?

Most of the organic farming in India depends on traditional practices which are more labor and management intensive in comparison to conventional farming.

Though the organic movement is slowly gaining momentum, the majority of the produce comes from farms which are marginal and few in number in a particular area. So the cost of logistics is high when sourcing produce from these farms.

How expensive is the organic produce from Petrichor?

Typically, organic products are 50%-100% more expensive than regular products. However, at Petrichor we try to keep our costs and margins as low as possible to make organic produce easier on the wallet. Our produce is around 30%-50% more expensive than conventional produce.

Purchasing organic produce

Non perishables

We winnow, sieve, sun-dry our grains, cereals, spices and flours regularly to keep infestation in check. However, sometimes you might see a few little weavils or worms in your produce, which might have escaped our expert winnowers. Don't worry, they can be easily removed by sun drying the produce for a while. One can use natural insect repellants like neem leaves, dry chillies, clove sticks, etc. to preserve organic non-perishables for longer.


You might also find the occasional friendly worm in some of our veggies. It's completely safe and can be removed by dipping the produce in warm water with some turmeric.

Quantities to purchase

Organic produce has a tendency of being infested quite quickly, especially in our weather conditions. So we advise our customers to purchase only what they need for around 2-3 days (vegetables & fruits) and 10-15 days (non perishables) and not more.